USMLE Step 2: Made Ridiculously Simple, 6th Edition

by Andreas Carl, M.D., Ph.D.

This is not your typical USMLE review book!

Imagine this… You’re 2 weeks away from the big exam; you’ve crammed your brain with information overload and read every vignette under the sun. If you read another novel-like vignette, you’ll miss out on reviewing the most essential, high-yield knowledge. What should I study next? Panic sets in!

Don’t worry, USMLE Step 2 Made Ridiculously Simple has you covered!

Written in chart format, USMLE Step 2 MRS categorically arranges the most high-yield basic science facts to make it very easy to review all USMLE Step 2 subjects just days before the exam! The arrangement of the basic science facts in these charts is logically set up to be built upon in a brief clinical context rather than just a random collection of materials or long-winded vignettes. The chart format provides the maximum amount of information with the minimum amount of words by concentrating on key associations to help you improve your performance in multiple-choice situations. Studying in such a systematic fashion lets you avoid the high-yield trap of what to study the week or two before the test.

You’ve done all the hard studying for the exam; now let USMLE Step 2 Made Ridiculously Simple give you the confidence to tie it all together as your last-minute memory aid for the big day! 1,000 Questions Quiz available as a download in mix-and-match style rather than clinical vignettes that you’ve been pounding for months. In this short amount of time left before the exam, vignettes are very inefficient for review since you need to read a very lengthy question description just to test one single knowledge fact! Our downloadable mix-and-match style allows you to test several items at once in a much shorter time.