Ward Rounds In Obstetrics & Gynecology

This book is a practical guide to obstetrics and gynaecology cases clinicians might encounter on an everyday basis.


Divided into 34 chapters, the text begins with discussion on history taking and examination. The next sections cover the diagnosis and management of different obstetrical disorders including fever in pregnancy, gestational diabetes and anaemia, heart and liver diseases, preterm labour, and recurrent pregnancy loss.


The following chapters present a variety of gynaecological disorders such as abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cancer, fibroids, infertility, and much more.


Each chapter begins with a case history and investigation methods and concludes with questions and answers. Topics are further enhanced by clinical photographs, illustrations, medication tables, flowcharts, and comprehensive references.


Key Points


    • Practical guide to obstetrics and gynaecology cases seen in daily practice


    • Covers diagnosis and management of many different disorders


    • Each topic includes a case history, and questions and answers to assist learning


    • Highly illustrated with clinical photographs, diagrams, medication tables and flowcharts

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