Wright & Leahey’s Nurses And Families: A Guide To Family Assessment And Intervention, 8th Edition

By Zahra Shajani RN MPH EdD (c ) CCHN (c), Diana Snell MN RN
The ideal “how-to” book for harnessing the power of the nurse-family relationship!
Use the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models to assess families effectively and know when and how to intervene to reduce suffering and promote health. They are easy to-apply and practical models for nurses working with a wide variety of complex issues and family structures. You’ll develop the knowledge you need to prepare, conduct, and document family interviews while you also hone your skills to use questions more effectively. You’ll also learn how to avoid the three most common errors in family nursing and how to conduct a 15-minute interview.

  • Revised & Updated! Applications of the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models to today’s complex health care environments and the evolving family
  • New & Expanded! Coverage of diverse groups, pluralism, and cultural dynamics
  • Expanded! Focus on the family within society and the challenges facing families today, including the pandemic and post-pandemic outcomes, bullying, violence, crime, and drugs
  • Expanded! Content on nursing interventions to improve outcomes for the person with the disorder or illness by improving family engagement and effectiveness
  • Detailed clinical guidelines for preparing, conducting, and documenting a family interview
  • Clinical case examples that reflect the diversity of families in society today and the issues encountered in a variety of practice settings, including hospital, primary care, school, community, outpatient, and the home
  • Case scenarios with reflective questions that use the nursing process and illustrate the connection between the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models

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