AJ’s Art of Pediatrics IMM/MCPS MCQ Pool (Updated until August 2023)

Dr. Bushra Siddique

AJ’s Art of Pediatrics IMM/MCPS MCQ Pool (Updated until August 2023) First Book Ever with IMM/MCPS MCQs Pool The first book ever with topic-wise MCQs, Fourth Edition

‘Smart MCQ Pool’ was probably the first MCQ book ever in the world based on data science to prioritize your preparation as per the requirements of the examiner. A list of chapters defines what you need to study first and what to study at the end, thus making rational use of golden time.

The AOP Smart MCQ pool was launched with a mixed pool of IMM, MCPS, and FCPS. But after feedback from many users, explanations with references were to be added, which would have increased book volume. Keeping in view the futuristic approach, the AOP Smart MCQ Pool (discontinued) is now split into two books, but now with explanations. First was FCPS-II MCQ pool and second one is IMM/MCPS MCQ Pool.
IMM/MCPS MCQ Pool is the first book ever with topic-wise MCQs, so one should know the frequently covered areas even at a topic level.
4th Edition has been updated until August 2023.
We expect that a combination of these books, along with the Nelson text book of pediatrics, is all you need to maximize your chances of success in the FCPS, IMM, MCPS, MD, and DCH written examinations.
1. Whatever may be the Examiner’s key, know the correct answer, which will help you in
the long run. 2. For sure success, first cover the examiner’s favourite topics and then do the MCQs of that chapter.
3. This book is not restricted to IMM/MCPS/MD/DCH candidates only. FCPS-II
Candidates can make use of it as the examiners are the same. Disclaimer: Stems and choices have been modified a bit to fill in the missing information. A
Thorough research has been done to find the correct answer. Communicating any mistakes will be appreciated. Juditio
We would like to thank all known and unknown heroes who compiled and are compiling recalls. Special thanks to all active members of the Facebook group ‘BAS PAEDIATRICS: THEORY, who were helpful in guiding us to the right answers for controversial MCQs. Special Thanks to Dr Sohaib Khan for sparing time to help in making ERRATA of First Edition

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