DK Taneja’s Health Policies & Programmes in India, 17th Edition

By Dr Bratati Banerjee
DK Taneja’s Health Policies and Programmes in India is the first of its kind in the country and a great asset for medical students, teachers of Community Medicine, Public Health Professionals and Medical Officers in health services. It is a unique compilation of policies on Health, Family Welfare, Nutrition, and National Programmes for implementation of these policies. Each programme is discussed from both technical and managerial aspects. The uniqueness of this book lies in the fact that it always keeps pace with the changing scenario. It is very precisely and timely updated, with new editions incorporating the latest changes in magnitude of the problems and strategies implemented to control them. All data are updated and recent references given. Changes in the programmes are included, findings of various review committees incorporated, with extensive revision of chapters on the programmes for which new strategies have been launched.