hospital infection control policies and protocols manual, step-by-step guidance

dr haroon diwan deals with many aspect of infection control in simple way

An effective infection control program is essential for the wellbeing of patients and the safety of hospital personnel. These days, the significance of infection control is greater than ever before due to the current pandemic situation, which is badly effecting the life of every person across the globe.

Nosocomial infections are now major problem and a growing concern for Hospital’s Administration. The topic of infection and nosocomial infection has become very popular in public circles with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has brought awareness to general public about infection and infection control. The prevention and control of infections in the hospital is not simply a nursing problem, medical problem or a technical problem. In fact, it is a problem that needs the attention and meticulous concern of everybody who is engaged in the business of patient care.

My wife, Mrs. Zaibunnissa Diwan, influenced me to write this manual because she envisioned infection control as essential for the safety of life. She wholeheartedly supported me during the preparation of this manual. This manual is a guide for establishing and maintaining a meaningful and goal-oriented infection control program for any hospital.

I am particularly thankful to my daughter, Ms. Sabah Diwan, for her support and encouragement, and I am grateful to my grandchildren Hafsah, Abdullah, Khadija and Maria, for helping me format the text.

It is my hope that the reader will find this manual helpful in resolving day-to-day issues that arise in trying to give optimal care to hospitalized patients. I am an Infection Control professional who always believes on educating through simplicity As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. All efforts has been made to keep it simple and practicable and need your valuable comments.

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