Mental Health and Wellbeing: A guide for nurses and healthcare professionals working with adults in primary care

By Dr Sheila Hardy
Around 30% of people attending primary care have a mental health problem – and the Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in anxiety, isolation and other mental health issues. In addition, we have an aging population and more people coping with chronic physical and mental conditions. All these factors mean that healthcare professionals need more guidance on dealing with mental health and wellbeing. Those with long-term physical conditions, such as diabetes, are more likely to have mental health issues and will be healthier if both their physical and mental health are considered. Those with severe mental illness and a learning disability are more likely to die early from a physical cause than the rest of the population and this group therefore needs proactive monitoring and encouragement to promote healthy behaviour. People with dementia and their carers also need support to live well; and those who are addicted to substances or specific behaviours need help to manage their dependence. The Charlie Waller Trust (, one of the UK’s most respected mental health charities, recognises this need and provides high-quality training for GPs, nurses and allied healthcare professionals in primary care, to help them meet the holistic mental health needs of the people they see in healthcare settings every day. Written by a registered general and mental nurse with 20 years’ clinical experience in primary care, this helpful, practical book serves as a manual to accompany the CWT training and as a learning resource in its own right. Contents include: • Introduction • Promoting wellbeing • Encouraging healthy behaviour • Common mental disorders • Severe mental illness • Learning disability • Dementia • Addiction