Nephrology Secrets, 3rd Edition

by Edgar V. Lerma

Nephrology Secrets, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Edgar V. Lerma and Allen R. Nissenson, gives you the nephrology answers you need to succeed on your rotations and boards.. Its unique, highly practical question-and-answer format, list of the “Top 100 Nephrology Secrets,” and user-friendly format make it perfect for quick reference.

• Get the most return for your study time with the proven Secrets® format — concise, easy to read, and highly effective.
• Skim the “Top 100 Secrets” and “Key Points” boxes for a fast overview of the secrets you must know for success on the boards and in practice.
• Enjoy faster, easier review and master the top issues in nephrology with mnemonics, lists, quick-reference tables, and an informal tone that sets this review book apart from the rest.
• Carry it with you in your lab coat pocket for quick reference or review anytime, anywhere.

• Handle each clinical situation with confidence with chapters completely updated to reflect the latest information.
• Find the answers you need faster thanks to a new, more streamlined and problem-based organization.

Get the high-yield answers you need to address top nephrology questions