Pathopharmacology, 2nd Edition

By Bruce Colbert and Kurtis Pierce
Instead of relying on mass memorization, Colbert/Pierce’s PATHOPHARMACOLOGY, Second Edition, helps you truly learn and internalize pharmacology and pathophysiology concepts for long-term professional success. An engaging writing style makes even complex topics easy to understand, while real clinical connections highlight the interrelatedness and relevancy of what you are learning. Analogies and learning hints are integrated throughout. For example, Chapter 13 uses a snarling dog illustration to show the sympathetic responses of the nervous system. Now you “know” that when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, pupils dilate to get more light in to see the situation, and heart rate and breathing increase to get more oxygen to ready muscles for fight or flight. Reading this story makes understanding the autonomic responses easier than memorizing a list. Also available: MindTap.